Pest Services

pest control surprise az


Enjoy the comfort of feeling safe from all kinds of pests that can cause serious problems in your home. Cockroaches, ants, flying insects, spiders, crickets, earwigs and many more, need specific techniques and strategies to get rid of them and keep them from coming back. I have the certifications and experience to target and solve your pest problems. Plus, I only use the highest quality products that are safe for your family and pets

bee control


Don't wait for friends or family to be stung by a swarm of bees, that would be absolutely terrible! Bees can also cause damage to your property. Stucco, attic corners, inside grills, bushes, and inside walls can be costly to repair. I can take care of your bee problem the right way by exterminating the beehive and, when needed, removing the honeycomb.

rodent control


The Valley of the Sun is a natural home to a wide variety of mice, rats, and other rodents that want to invade your home and property. In their search for food, shelter, and water they can cause severe health concerns to humans. They are also capable of causing damage both inside and outside your home. I'll get rid of the offending rodents, remove their home from your home, sanitize the area and ensure proper exclusion to stop them from returning.

pigeon control


Everyone knows how messy and noisy pigeons can be. They can destroy your roof and those expensive solar panels you installed. Their droppings can cause serious illnesses for both humans and pets. I've solved the pigeon problem for thousands of homeowners and businesses. I'll thoroughly clean the entire area where they have been living. I only use the highest quality materials all of which are suited for your home, whether it's spike, netting, solar screening — whatever best solves the problem. Your home is unique my solution will be, too.

scorpion pest control


Scorpions love Arizona. One of my specialty services is getting rid of them. In my many years of providing this service I've learned many things, first among them is that just one treatment won't get the job done. With the right treatment plan and the special technique that I have developed, I can ensure that any scorpions, both inside and surrounding your home, will be eliminated and stay eliminated.

A Word From Patrick...

I've built my business with my community and family in mind, with every completed job, with every call, with every service, I get one step closer to building a community that will be better for our children. I would like to offer my service to you and invite you to join our community and work for a brighter future.

Plant Services

weed control


There is a wide variety of weeds in Arizona; cool season, warm season, broadleaf, annual, bi-annual and perennial. Some weed seeds can even lay dormant for 10 or more years, just waiting for the perfect environmental conditions to germinate. I am certified to eliminate all of these for you. My customers avoid unsightly weeds, unnecessary hassle and HOA fees by having me spray for weeds twice a year. This way you are assured of always having a beautiful yard. You can save even more by adding one of my many pest control services. As always, my services are 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

tree fertilization services


Proper fertilizing is essential for keeping trees and shrubs healthy and attractive. When trees and shrubs are healthy, they add to your home's appearance and can better resist strong winds and storms. I can evaluate your trees and shrubs to determine what existing or potential diseases such as fungi, parasites, or stress, may exist. Once diagnosed, I create an exact mixture of environmentally safe treatment that will return and maintain your trees and shrubs to their natural, healthy beauty.

olive tree spraying


In January of every year, I offer my Annual Olive Tree Spraying Special. By taking advantage of this special you will save on this very necessary service. When the weather in January does not cooperate, I will offer the service in February or March. When you have your trees sprayed, you will experience a 95% reduction in olives, fewer allergens, the elimination of rotting olives that attract critters and pigeons, and a slow down in the growth of the olive tree. Best of all, you'll have more beautiful, healthy olive trees.

irrigation services


A properly running drip or sprinkler home irrigation system assures that all of your trees, shrubs, flowers and grass are getting the right amount of water for the season. If one thing goes wrong, like a leak no matter if it's small or large, then everything is either over or under watered. All vegetation is quickly and adversely affected when this happens. Be sure to call me at the first sign of a problem so I can fix the problem. This might include fixing or replacing a broken control box, valves or the watering lines. Whatever the problem is, I will fix it so you can rest assured that all of your flora will be restored to optimal health.

outdoor lighting services


The visual appearance of your home can be greatly enhanced in the evening with outdoor lighting. Permanent lighting around fountains, sculptures and patios or additional lighting for walkways and entrances can provide a warm welcome and added safety. Many of my Patrick's Pests & Plants customers save their valuable time by having me install and remove their temporary lighting. This temporary lighting can add a beautiful ambiance for special times like Christmas and weddings.

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