What We Do

Pest Services

It happens. One day some pesky pests decide that your home is a great place to visit. Don't panic, just give Patrick, the Pest Control Specialist, a call.

With more than 8 years of experience ridding homes of pesky problems, Patrick will make certain that your home and your family are safe from all manner of pesky visitors. Experience combined with education and certifications means that you can count on Patrick to get the job done.

Plant Services

When your plants, shrubs and trees need a pick-me-up it's time to call Patrick. Why? Because Patrick is an Arizona native and knows the beauty and diversity of the desert flora and fauna. More importantly, Patrick has more than 14 years of experience caring for landscapes.

Whether you need help selecting the right plant for a specific spot or just need some TLC, Patrick's your guy, he'll make all your plants happy!

Patrick standing in front of a cactus.


The Best...

...pest control we've ever used. We had a bad scorpion problem in our previous home and Patrick got it under control. After a few treatments, we quit seeing live scorpions in or around our home. We have moved homes and continue to use his service to keep our home pest free. He is easy to contact/communicate with and is always there when he says he will be. He's very nice and always great with our dogs while there spraying. He truly is the best!

— Shannon S. From Peoria, AZ


If you are looking for someone to get rid of those pesky insects, rodents and other annoyances around your home or business, I would like to recommend Patrick's Pests and Plants. Patrick has been taking care of these issues, including the pigeon problem at our house for years. Give him or his wife, Laura a call!

— Lori C. From Surprise, AZ

Good Bye Scorpions

We haven't had any issues with scorpions since Patrick came out and sprayed. He was on time, professional and thorough.

—  Danielle Y. From Surprise, AZ


Patrick only just treated my home today so I can't vouch for the efficiency, yet. However, he was on time and friendly, explained everything he was doing and uses safe chemicals recommended for health-care facilities. I am so far very satisfied with the service.

— Cheryl Eames From Sun City, AZ


Would highly recommend this company to anyone. Customer service was very professional, friendly, and personable. Great job!

— Garfield Cruz From Peoria, AZ


Patrick could not have been more personable or more accommodating. He possessed a lot of knowledge to perform the job as needed. I will definitely keep his number handy.

— David Aamot From Surprise, AZ

Our Story

We are here to do a job to its fullest. To do it right the first time, and to make sure you are happy with the results. Some pest problems take time because there isn't an immediate fix. We are here to deliver the correct solution for whatever problem there is; and, we will continue to be here if something comes up in the future. We pride ourselves on being trustworthy and having the integrity to do the right thing. We treat every property as if it were our own, and show that we genuinely care by doing what is best for both the property owner and the property. That is why you have our promise to always be, On Time, On Task, and On Target.

Our Team

Patrick standing smiling with his arms crossed.

Patrick Hagan

Owner/Pest & Plant Specialist

If you ever wonder who is going to show up at your door for your appointment, look no further! Patrick is the one who works in the field, putting in the effort to get rid of your pests and take care of your plants. He has completed countless hours of continuing education each year.

Patrick is certified with both the Arizona Pest Management Division and the Arizona Landscape Contractors Association, including those for general pest control, weed control, and turf and ornamental. That, in combination with his 14+ years of experience in plant care and his 8+ years of experience in pest control, give him the knowledge and understanding needed to conquer any pest or plant problem.

He is also qualified to improve your outdoor living spaces, including installing outdoor lighting, applying fertilizer, and maintaining and repairing irrigation systems.

Whatever your home or property needs, Patrick is on the job.

Laura sitting at a computer desk

Laura Hagan

Customer Care Specialist

Ring ring. Ring ring. Hello, this is Laura, your customer care specialist. How can I help you?

While Patrick is out in the field, Laura is working behind the scenes making sure that your appointment goes according to plan. She answers your call, schedules your appointment and sends you a reminder so you know exactly when Patrick will be at your home.

Laura has an impressive list of qualifications including 9+ years of customer service experience, 4+ years in management and a Bachelor's degree in accounting. She is also a pet lover and her background in the veterinary field, including an associates degree in veterinary science, helps us to guarantee your pet's safety, both in terms of the products we use and the manner in which we use them.

Laura is always happy to help when you call and will take the time to answer any and all of your questions. If she doesn't know the answer to your question she knows someone who does, her husband and your pest and plant specialist, Patrick!

Our Family

Patrick & Laura Hagan and family.

The Hagan family is truly unique. Patrick and Laura are an amazing team and their personalities complete each other. If either one of them struggles with something, the other excels in a way that brings them both up to 110%. They go through life together, happy and having fun and not letting the chaos of life with 5 kids bring them down.

The Hagan kiddos are each unique as well, the oldest is super funny and amazing at making sound effects. He could create a whole movie of just sound effects and it would be awesome! The second oldest and the only girl is brilliant and creative in ways that even she doesn't realize at times. The middle child is determined, amazingly athletic, naturally lucky, and outrageously strong. The second youngest is a spitfire redhead who is always looking to have a good laugh. The baby of the family, born in 2018, looks sweet and innocent but is truly a daredevil.

Altogether, they are a big, happy family in an honest way. They find joy in the little things and spend more time playing outside than anything else. The Hagan family is truly unique.